About Us

Our History

The Bubble Excluder technology was invented in 2006 by Dr Edmund Kunji and Dr Shane Palmer while working at the UK Medical Research Council (MRC) Mitochondrial Biology Unit in Cambridge, UK. The device was patented by the MRC. Since then Drs Kunji and Palmer have used Bubble Exclusion technology successfully in their research, and have refined the device and technology into a mature commercial system. In 2011 Dr Kunji and Dr Palmer co-founded Cytoprom Ltd with Dr Vaughan Wittorff, and acquired the patent from the MRC in order to commercialize it and make the technology available to all cell biologists and chemists, and everyone practising fermentation.

The Founders

Photo of Edmund Kunji

Edmund Kunji holds degrees in Biology and Chemistry, and obtained a PhD in Mathematics and Natural Sciences with Prof. Wil N. Konings and Prof. Bert Poolman in the Department of Molecular Microbiology of the University of Groningen. He did his post-doctoral studies at the MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology in Cambridge with Dr Richard Henderson, 1996-2000. Since 2000 he has been a research group leader at the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit and in 2005 he also became Staff Fellow and Director of Studies of Trinity Hall. He has extensive experience with fermentation and cultivation of microbial organisms.

Photo of Shane Palmer

Shane Palmer holds degrees in Chemical Engineering and Biochemical Engineering, and carried out research projects in the field of fluid mechanics, bubble coalescence and brewing technologies. Shane obtained his PhD from the University of Wales, Swansea with a Guinness funded CASE award, where he developed novel bioreactors for use in beverage production. In 2005, he joined the MRC Mitochondrial Biology Unit as Fermentation Facility Supervisor and has extensive experience, with publications, in microbial fermentation, monitoring and control.

Photo of Vaughan Wittorff

Vaughan Wittorff holds degrees in Physics and Electrical/Electronic Engineering, and obtained a PhD in Physics from the University of Cambridge. In 2000 he was appointed as Senior Lecturer at Curtin University of Technology, Australia, and in 2003 returned to Cambridge. He is a high-tech entrepreneur and businessman and has a history of commercializing University and private scientific research – his own and others’. He is Managing Director of Cytoprom.