Applications: Other

No matter what micro-organism you are interested in monitoring, Cytoprom has a bubble free monitoring system to provide reliable growth monitoring. The figure below shows some micro-organisms that have been monitored with our system.

Growth of many micro-organisms using the Cytoprom bubble excluder to exclude bubbles from the measuring window of a fiber-optic probe.

Although cell concentration is the most sought after application for our systems, and turbidity remains the reference method for measuring cell concentration, we realise that the future potential for bubble free light measurements goes far beyond. New spectroscopic and electrochemical techniques are constantly emerging for chemical and bioprocess monitoring. Even weak concentrations of analyte and product indicator are now being monitored using spectroscopic measurements with more advanced calibration models. The performance of many techniques could be dramatically improved through eliminating bubble interference………… and it’s here! Please contact us if you have any special requests, or feel our Bubble Exclusion technology may be of interest.