The Technology

How it works

Our flow-through Bubble Excluder uses the kinetic energy of the impeller in a stirred tank reactor to generate a continuous flow of representative sample over our measurement probes. With no moving parts to achieve bubble exclusion, our devices are robust, and measurements are not only continuous, but virtually instantaneous.

All of our bubble excluders and fiber-optic probes withstand Clean-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilisation-In-Place (SIP) procedures. Our customizable options for cell process monitoring are dependable and easy to use.

How effective is our bubble exclusion device?

Fully effective. The results below clearly show that the bubble excluder excludes bubbles over a wide range of operating conditions.

Effective exclusion of bubbles from a cell free, salt, solution. For different air flowrates, the stirrer speed (red line) was varied stepwise in an Applikon ADI1075, 70 L bioreactor and the optical density was measured (blue line). Spikes in the optical density (left panel) show the interference on the measurements.